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Susanne Just

"Language is wine upon the lips"

– Virginia Woolf

My work

I could not describe the aesthetics of my work any better than with the beautiful and wise words of Virginia Woolf that so often are a great inspiration to me. Everyone who, like me, considers language a sensual experience and a powerful tool, and would like to see their texts treated accordingly – well, great minds think alike.

Language, literature, art, and culture are my personal passions, which is why I have been interested in books, writing, theatre and paintings from early on. After school, I pursued my joy for learning languages and reading particularly by choosing English Studies and Literary Translation as my university subjects, which have led me to my actual profession today: literary translator.


My services


from English and Italian

Creativity, intuition, and courage are the most crucial concepts one must consider to make a literary translation come alive. My personal goal in translating is to do justice to the original in the target language German, which means I aim at creating the equivalent effect that the source language produces. Sometimes, this requires research and exact transfer, sometimes imagination and a step back from the text.
English Modernism, which is my “academic expertise”, offered me a broad spectre of linguistic innovation such as unprecedented stylistics and uncommon genres throughout the years of my studies. Today, I can largely benefit from these when dealing with different types of texts, for example novels, crime novels and literary classics as well as essays, scientific articles and non-fictional texts.
Also other texts that are to do with cultural or historical work, as for example exhibition texts for museums or historical documents, are very attractive to me and represent a special challenge in translating that I would take on eagerly.
Apart from my passion for language, literature and stories of all kinds, I am inspired by the continuous change, the richness of themes and the potential of further personal education this profession holds for me, which makes translating my absolute dream job.

Editing and proofreading

of German and English texts

With editing and proofreading, I value exactness, a feel for language, and grammatical correctness. Several work placements in the editorial departments of different publishers as well as the focus on literary sciences during my studies have equipped me with concrete experiences and crucial tools for the work with texts. Recognizing texts with potential and their evaluation are, so to speak, the very basics a literary student and editorial intern acquires. Since I treat my own scientific theses and translations very critically as well and I like to polish the phrasing, the task of editing has become familiar and dear to me.
In addition to editing, I also offer proofreading for texts that have already been edited. Last slips of the pen, typos, and other imprecisions will be erased and an already good text will be polished to perfection.

Reader's Reports

of German and English texts

Besides translating, editing, and proofreading, I am also happy to write reader’s reports (in German or English) – because what could be more beautiful than reading new books and give one’s humble opinion on them?

Contact me

Susanne Just –

„Read a thousand books and your words will flow like a river“

– Virginia Woolf